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There is a networking frenzy that happens at any conference of like minded people. The Vancouver Resource Investment Conference is no exception. While wandering around the truckload of art, I had the pleasure of chatting with Leonard Melman, Larry Roulston, David Coffin, and Greg McCoach. Later I found out that I had forgotten my wallet in my room. I bumped into Ian Doig, one of Canada's leading energy gurus and we had a brief discussion about income trusts. After the show (let the record show that I was not the last person to leave the event), I shared an elevator ride with silver guru, David Morgan.

Between discussions during the ride from the airport to my hotel, chatting with other newsletter writers and of course sitting at a table sponsored by the good people at Vena Resources Inc. (VEM.V), there hasn't been a shortage of new ideas. When you eat for free you usually get to the pleasure of hearing about companies with great potential (what company doesn't have great potential?). I had the pleasure of chatting at length with Kerry Sully of CGX Energy (OYL.U.V) who also happens to be the president of Birch Mountain Resources (BMD).

Sunday at 9:30 am, I speak on an energy panel with:

  • Ian Doig, , Doig's Digest

  • Fred Kozak, Oil & Gas Analyst, Haywood Securities

  • Michael Berry, Ph.D, Morning Notes

That will be followed by a service company workshop at 11:00 am. Should be a busy day!