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Those of you who are interested in energy and metals might also be interested in following the London Irvine Report. You can subscribe via email. His latest report features Wavefront as the “link of the week”!

This week’s featured link: Wavefront Energy and Environmental Services (WEE.V).

“Wavefront’s core technology is a proprietary
technology known as DeepWaveSM Stimulation(1) or DeepWaveSM(2). DeepWave is a game changing technology having worldwide implications for the improvement of fluid flow in materials such as sand and rock. It is used to improve oil recovery and expedite the cleanup of groundwater contaminants. DeepWave is unique for fluid flow with no industry comparable. It will become the standard for injection schemes in the energy and environmental sectors”.


My thanks to reader Jim Letourneau for suggesting a look at the company. If it’s good enough for Halliburton to be interested in, it’s good enough for a look by me.