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Making Some Waves

Spreading the word about Wave Front Energy is challenging because the company’s technology is new. I’ve been enthralled by the company since I first heard about it and I am now consulting for them to do IR work and to look for acquisitions.

Wavefront Energy has a technology that changes the way we look at oil production. The technology improves oil production in mature oil wells -- something increasingly important considering today's dependence on oil. The only problem: the market is unaware of the company's oil production capabilities. So, Wavefront called on M/C/C to help communicate its services to existing and potential clients.

Trying to explain how new technology works can be simple or it can be complex. The simple version is that it improves fluid flow and allows you to produce more oil in less time. The more complicated version is on the web site.

Making Waves: M/C/C to Spearhead Public Relations Efforts for Wavefront: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance.