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Early Adopters Lament

Friend Paul Poutanen, has started a new blog called FavCast. I first met Paul in back in 1999 and I recall that he suggested that I might want to look at a couple of companies (Cell-Loc and Wi-Lan). Both companies were technology moonshots. They both subsequently cratered but not before some huge moves that allowed for profit capture. I miss those days.

Anyhow we went for lunch on Friday to discuss some of the challenges of selling new technology. One of the more frustrating ones is the inability to share successes with one company with a new potential client as that data is often confidential. Paul was talking about cell phone game usage statistics,  however in the oil business companies also want to keep their data confidential. This makes it difficult to document successes. Often you are forced to nueter your news down to Company X got these great results in this general area. Hardly compelling.