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Globe and Mail Mentions Big Picture Speculator

Our blog was mentioned in a Globe and Mail article by Rob Carrick today. This is somewhat ironic given that I didn’t post anything today. I take heart in the fact that a high post frequency isn’t required for a blog to be of value. One of my favourite blogs, Jeff Mathews Is Not Making This Up  has a relatively low post frequency but the insights in his articles are some of the best on the web.

The article also mentioned Canadian Capitalist, inveslogic.com, marketguy.ca and the burgeoning blog section at Stockhouse.com. Stockhouse is probably the most active web site for Canadian resource stocks. Adding blogs should add some sorely lacking accountability as the content quality is often heavily diluted by biased anonymous chatroom posts.

The article refers to me as an investing newsletter publisher but I’m also a consulting petroleum hydrogeologist and geochemist. I sometimes struggle to balance the two. I’m nearing completion of a consulting project for Shell Canada so my efforts have been focused elsewhere. Focus is a rare commodity in my world but as the fuse burns down to the deadline I shift into the focus zone. That means less blogging. I’ve had a few polite enquiries about when the next newsletter is coming out and now my focus is shifting to the next newsletter.