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Radio Radio

"Appear on radio and people remember what you say...appear on TV and they notice your tie." - Marshall McLuhan

I’m gearing up for tonight’s radio show. I will not be wearing a tie. Archived webcasts are available at www.financialreckoning.ca.


Western Standard Radio is a media partner with the Western Standard newsmagazine. The company produces a variety of radio shows that offer a modern talk radio format and give listeners an informative and entertaining source for news, views and analysis on topics including health, finance, current events, travel, real estate and careers. The shows air every week throughout the week on AM 1060 CKMX reaching nearly 125,000 affluent, adult listeners in major centres including Lethbridge, Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton. As a result of aggressive marketing in the Western Standard newsmagazine, each radio show has a rapidly growing national online listener-base as well on www.ckmx.com.