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A Day in the Life of Timor-Leste

This afternoon while walking from the World Bank Office to the OMB (One More Beer)for a late lunch I witnessed an accident. A red SUV hit a motorcycle with predictable consequences. 

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What was less predictable was the reaction of the people in the surrounding area. A group of people from the beach sprinted to the accident scene. The lady riding the motorcycle was still laying on the road but within 60 seconds a couple of people were starting to throw punches (I believe one of the was the driver of the SUV). A small crowd was congregating and the situation was looking like it could escalate.

Fortunately the police (mostly Australian) were there within another minute or so and they quickly moved people away from the accident victim and started re-directing traffic around the scene.

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The lady on the motorcycle twisted  her ankle but was otherwise fine. Hardly newsworthy apart from being an example of relative civility in Timor-Leste.