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Some History

This blog has been around for over a year now. I thought it a good time to review some Big Picture Speculator high points.

I've been writing about uranium stocks since January 2004. What first drew my attention to this high octane group was regularly finding a series of "Strong Volume Gainer" days in uranium companies. The markets were otherwise dull and there were less than 15 uranium companies trading. I made my first purchase of UEX Corp. (UEX.TO) at $0.195 on November 27th, 2003. It currently trades for ~$3.00. I later found out that much of this activity was driven by Jim Dines' The Dines Letter. When his subscribers piled into a stock it would show up on stock scans of abnormal market activity. As more uranium companies came out of the woodwork it was pretty easy to tell which ones that he would be recommending (hint - most of them had resources in the ground). Here is how the uranium stocks featured in the January 2004 Big Picture Speculator have performed:

I made the transition from sending my little newsletter out to friends and family to having an e-commerce enabled website but I still needed to promote my newsletter. I felt that the best place would be at the Calgary Resource Investment Conference. Renting a booth was out of my price range for a new venture like "The Big Picture Speculator" but they didn't have any speakers who were talking about uranium. I know its hard to believe but I did a workshop on uranium stocks on April 25th, 2004 to a very small audience.

I have since come to believe that the best opportunities are where there is the least investor interest.

In June 2004 I attended the Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) investment conference. It became clear to me that the petroleum industry's thirst for unconventional gas plays was going to create great opportunities in specialized oilfield service companies. Here is the performance of that group:

In February 2005 I flagged a 40% rise in tungsten prices. There were only three potential beneficiaries from this event...

I believe my strength is the ability to identify "big picture trends". Energy and metals are a happy hunting ground for today.

Not Advice

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