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Uranium Debate

Jim Dines squared off against Paul van Eden at the Gold and Precious Metals Conference in Las Vegas last week to discuss uranium. This is bullish for precious metals because everyone would be climbing over each other to talk about them if they were performing well.

I first learned of Paul van Eden's mildly bearish stance in June 2005 at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. He believes that purchases by Uranium Participation Corporation (U.TO - which appears to be trading at a premium to its NAV) artificially inflated the uranium price and that revised processing methods could limit demand for uranium. On the other hand Jim Dines is still extremely bullish.

Most uranium stocks are up significantly since June so Jim Dines is the winner of the debate (as of today) in my books. Cameco breaking out to a new high last week ads merit to Dines' opinion. He does have the advantage of a large subscriber base which may create a self-fulfilling prophecy. His recommendations usually show up on this scan the day after his newsletter comes out.