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Uranium Revival

I've seen 7 or 8 junior uranium miners show up on my "Strong Volume Gainers" scan over the last few days. Most uranium stocks peaked in February/March of this year in spite of increasing uranium prices. The Bush energy plan could help draw attention to this tiny corner of the resource stock world.

As an aside, the last year has seen many gold newsletter services write about the uranium boom. Things have been extremely crapulous in the gold world so I can understand the need to write about positive stories. I still think gold will glitter before the end of the year.

When The Big Picture Speculator first wrote about uranium stocks in January, 2004 there were less than 15 companies to cover (that list has expanded to over 80). There aren't any new uranium mines in production but there are several companies with defined resources that make for good speculations. Our next Big Picture Snapshot will feature several interesting uranium company charts.

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