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Belated Blogging

I've noticed that my blog posts have been tapering off. I attribute that to my informal vacation schedule where I take in numerous summer festival events and day trips with the kids.

Much the last two weeks has been spent soaking up as much of the Calgary music scene as possible. During the Stampede I got out to see Grady (Gordie Johnson's new band) ( at Coyotes, 54-40, Tom Cochrane and Red Rider, and Great Big Sea

The following week Evan Dando (former Lemonheads frontman) kicked off the musical marathon on Wednesday followed by 4 days of the Calgary Folk Music Festival. There are always brilliant musical surprises. Some of the ones I I enjoyed include following David Lindley around, Kris Demeanor's song about playing tennis with his dad, the Indigo Girls, the Weakerthans, and general hanging out at the beer gardens). I also went to see the "not the Doors" that weekend. For legal reasons they are now D21C which should keep everyone happy. Steve Earle is always worth seeing and his Folk Festival show was a highlight.

Saturday I took the kids to Canmore for a free Arrogant Worms concert which was sandwiched between a nice walk around Many Springs and a hike up to Grassi Lakes (and earlier in the week I took a visiting relative from the UK on the same two walks - its not like they ever get boring).

The resource sector is dusting itself off and starting to set up nicely for a rally into 2006. The big picture view looks great and apart from discovery plays, and a few new issues, we're dealing with the same names that we held during the first leg of the bull market.

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