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Athabasca Basin Explorers

UEX/Cogema's recent discovery hole has ignited the uranium sector. You can browse our uranium postings for more background.

Here is a list of public companies that have Athabasca Basin property.

  • ARR Allyn Resources Inc
  • CVV CanAlaska Ventures Ltd
  • CCO Cameco Corp
  • ABN Consolidated Abaddon Resources
  • DJE Dejour Enterprises Ltd
  • DEN Denison Mines Inc
  • ESO Essendon Solutions Inc
  • FCO Formation Capital Corp
  • FDC Forum Development Corp
  • GRS GLR Resources Inc
  • GZZ Golden Valley Mines Ltd
  • HAT Hathor Exploration Ltd
  • IRK International KRL Resources Corp
  • IEC International Enexco Ltd
  • IUC International Uranium Corp
  • JNN JNR Resources Inc
  • LGR Logan Resources Ltd
  • NAG North American Gem Inc
  • NCA Northern Canadian Minerals Inc
  • NCR Northern Continental Resources
  • NWI Nuinsco Resources Ltd
  • PTU Purepoint Uranium Group Inc
  • DRA Red Dragon Resources Corp
  • SAN Santoy Resources Ltd
  • SLT Solitaire Minerals Corp
  • STM Strathmore Minerals Corp
  • SXR Southern Cross Resources Inc
  • TUE