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Energize Me

I have an article on the beginnings of an alternative energy portfolio at 321energy.com because high energy prices will cause a scramble for alternatives. It also includes a piece on some precious metals warrants that are worth consideration. I can be a goldbug if it means making money but I'm glad I didn't spend 2004 whining about the gold price.

Big happenings in the energy patch last week as the infamous Goldman Sachs SUPERSPIKE report came out. Their predictions of $105 oil got people piling back into energy names. I don't disagree with their price target but the road will not be without some bumps (buying opportunities) along the way. If you want to know how long these bumps can last, ask any hardcore goldbug. Its been tough sledding since the gold price peak of December 2003.

M. King Hubbert's concept of "peak oil" is getting more attention these days. As we burrow into the bases of resource triangles, new technologies come to the forefront. The Big Picture Speculator no hassle free trial lets you take a "peak" at some of them.

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