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Uranium U-Turn

Nobody knew when the turn in the uranium stock slide would come so the best approach was to hang tough if you were a long term investor or to "buy the dips". I'm not in the advice giving business as everyone has a different risk horizon and time frame but I was starting to get lots of questions (and without giving speciific advice I pretty much stuck to the "time frame" script).

I'm sure everyone is feeling a sense of relief today. The action in resource stocks was powerful and uranium stocks were leading the pack. For example:

Cameco - CCO.TO +4%
UEX Corp. - UEX.TO +29%
Denison Mines - DEN.TO +12%
Strathmore Urnanium - STM.V +20%

So today buying physical uranium looks positively dull and boring. It all depends on your risk/reward tolerance.

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