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Oil Patch Jargon Contest

My home network is being rebuilt today so I'm not in my normal environs. I do have my laptop and a copy of Oilweek magazine to keep me company. I was struck by the overwhelming number of 3-5 letter acronyms so I've extracted them to create a contest.

The first person to send me the correct long version of all of these acronyms gets a copy of "Conquer the Crash" by Robert Prechter, Jr.

  • APG
  • AVL
  • BCC
  • CAPP
  • CARC
  • CBM
  • CERI
  • EMOS
  • EOR
  • ERP
  • EUB
  • LNG
  • MGP
  • NGC
  • NPA
  • PAS
  • PITS
  • PSAC
  • PTRC
  • SAGD
  • SPOG
  • WCSB
  • WWF

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