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Email - Yukon Zinc

Jim, did you ever have a look at Yukon Zinc YZC?
Thanks R.K.

When I wrote the "Zinc Don't Stink" Big Picture Speculator (V3, I3) on February 4th, 2004, it was immediately after presenting at Robert McAllister's "Mining. Your Future" investment symposium and I felt that zinc miners represented a timely and compelling opportunity. Since then the companies (and their warrants) featured have appreciated anywhere from 10-78%.

Yukon Zinc has resources of ~1.74 billion pounds of zinc (along with 74.7 million ounces of silver, 352,000 ounces of gold, 212 million pounds of lead and 182 million pounds of copper). That is massive resource that provides excellent leverage to rising zinc and silver prices.

What is of interest on the technical analysis side is the high volume of trading on Friday. The long term weekly chart below shows a great looking technical pattern. It looks like some big money has taken an interest in zinc deposits. Even better, is (at least to a zinc geek) is that another zinc stock also made the StockCharts.com "Strong Volume Gainers" screen on Friday. I try to check their screens every day. Every once in a while a coherent theme jumps out of all of those stock scans. On Friday it was zinc.

I'll be putting out a Big Picture Speculator Snapshot updating the "Zinc Don't Stink" theme. A 30 day - no hassle subscription is available for blog readers who would like to see it.

Yukon Zinc

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