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Hurry Hard!!!


I've listed a couple of books that I highly recommend.

Big moves in energy, precious and base metals, coal and uranium have made commodity related stocks a safe haven. Making money as a resource company is not always easy. Marshalling the resources required to complete a project is getting more difficult. Here are some of the hurdles that new projects are facing.

1) People - There are "critical manpower shortages" in the technical professions. Geologists, Engineers and Geophysicists had little reason to specialize in mining related disciplines. I spoke to several "oldtimers" at the 2005 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. I'm a boyish 42 and I didn't see too many younger faces.

2) Transportation - In Western Canada the Canadian Pacific Railroad is running flat out. They would need to twin the tracks to Vancouver to increase traffic. Once the shipments of potash, sulfur, or coal make it to port, there are major delays in transferring from rail car to ship commodity supplies magically appear they still aren't going to get to where they are needed in a timely manner.

3) Materials - The cost of fuel and steel have increased dramatically. Take a bankable feasibility study from 2 years ago and see what happens when all of the input costs increase.

4) Services - You would like a drilling rig sir? Did you make a reservation?

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