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Tungsten/Nickel Emails

Do you track other metal producing mines such as North American Tungsten (NTC)?

I just logged on to your website for the free trial subscription. I currently follow the Jime Dines Letter but I am looking for other references.


If you go to our archives (viewable with a FREE 30 day trial) and scroll down to February 14th you will see a Snapshot about tungsten companies.

"Ammoniumparatungstate(APT) prices have surged since the beginning of the year because supplies from China are unable to satisfy demand."

Mines that were recently bankrupt or benefitting from government subsidies should be able to turn a profit in a rising price environment.

Inco & Canico just broke out this week Has nickle price jumped?

[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]

Nickel prices haven't made new highs. Nickel prices can be tracked at Kitco Base Metals. Prices have surged from US$2.00/lb to the current price of $$7.07 (a much greater percentage increase than we have seen in precious metals).

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