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Bruce writes....

I just renewed my subscription. Enjoy your work - keep it up !

I wanted to put in my two-cents as far as your list of 5-10 must owns. I would prefer that you let go of one name at a time and compile a list, instead of releasing a must-have portfolio all at once. Your subscribers know that when you feature a company, the stock usually rises in short order. This is why your subscription base is rising (hopefully!!!). I may be greedy, as I want each one of the 5-10 highlighted companies to rise, but that's how I would go about creating your "elite" 5-10 stock portfolio...

Again, thanks for the hard work!

Thanks for your kind words. The truth of the matter is I don't have a pre-made list of 10 must own stocks. I'm always looking for new ideas so it will take a few weeks/months to populate the list.

It is nice to get positive feedback. I put considerable effort into my ideas but I try to be brief as to why I like a company. I try not to repackage annual reports into 10 page articles.

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