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Investments of the Day

I've been busy wandering around The Vancouver Resource Investment conference.

My workshop on uranium/coal companies was well attended, especially considering the starting hour of 7:30 am. There were great questions about the "usual suspects" and the audience was extremely knowledgeable. People who are willing to attend a workshop at that hour are probably pretty motivated to find out about good opportunities.

So far my best investment was an all to brief 15 minute massage for $20. It is difficult to maintain perspective with the sheer volume of analysts and companies competing for attention. In my experience the higher quality companies don't shout out their stock symbol to you as you walk by their booth.

Another great investment was spending an hour with Dr. Lloyd Clark to talk about uranium exploration in the Athabasca Basin. He is currently on the Advisory Board of Dejour Energy. While Chief Geologist and Exploration Manager at Saskatchewan Mining Development Corp. (now Cameco) his exploration team discovered the McArthur River deposit, the world's largest and richest uranium mine.

There is no shortage of uranium deals in the hopper. However quality properties are rare. Dr. Clark is a great addition to Dejour's team and will keep them away from the "moose pasture".

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