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Mining Mayhem

Attendance at the 2005 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference is expected to top 6000. There's a great speaker roster for January 23-24 (Sunday/Monday).

I'll be speaking at the following times

  • Sunday - 7:30 am in Workshop Room #6 - Uranium/Coal Stocks

  • Monday - 3:00 pm in Workshop Room #5 - Oil and Gas

  • Monday - 3:30 pm Main Hall Panel Discussion on Energy/Oil & Gas/Uranium/Coal
    • WITH
      • MC: David Pescod, Canaccord Capital
      • Victor Adair, Refco Futures (Canada), Ltd.
      • Eric Coffin, Hard Rock Analyst
      • Bill Powers, CDN Energy Viewpoint
      • Jim Letourneau, Big Picture Speculator (that would be me)

    You can REGISTER HERE.

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