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Google Me This!

How do you manage all of the information available to you on the Internet?

One way is to go on surfin' safaris and collect links on subjects you are interested in. This works great for research projects. It doesn't work if you need to be made aware of changes in a timely manner. Many sites that offer stock quotes offer alert services on news releases of publicly traded companies. On the other hand, if you require timely background information on a broader subject, you need a different approach.

I have been using the beta Google News Alerts service for updates and I've found it very useful. Terms I have found helpful on occasion include: "private placement", "bankable feasibility study", "Jim Rogers" and "lead mine".

You need your search term to be specific enough to not clog your inbox. For specialized terms like "gas seep" I often forget that I have an active search. This is where Google News Alerts are the most valuable.

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