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CNG Bus Biz Booming?

Westport Innovations Posted by Hello

Today, Westport Innovations (WPT.TO) announced that it will supply 100 B-series compressed natural gas-fueled (CNG) engines to the Philippine government. This seemingly good news has had little effect on Westport's stock price so far. After a long period of decline, it will take an avalanche of good news and earnings to get the stock trending upwards again.

Many third world nations have large supplies of "stranded" natural gas that are not used domestically. Westport's CNG engines have the advantage of lower emissions. Natural gas is an under utilized energy source in many nations where burning it to keep warm isn't required... places like... Margaritaville!

How well do Parrot Heads and Dead Heads play together?

I see Westport as an energy technology play. In June they made the Deloitte 2004 Technology Fast 50 list. These kinds of lists were littered with "tech wrecks" in the past but they are still a good place to look for innovative fast growing companies.

Look for continuing sales and earnings growth to see if the trend should bend for Westport.

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