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TSX Monday's Money

A "strong volume gainers" scan will find companies that have "big" money moving into them. Monday's money flow was into resource stocks. There have been some big moves in the junior nickel companies.

Peyto Energy Trust - OIL AND GAS
Real Resources, Inc. - OIL AND GAS
Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. - COPPER
Vaquero Energy Ltd. - OIL AND GAS
Call-net Enterprises, Inc. - TELECOM
Metallic Ventures Inc. - GOLD
Bulldog Energy Inc. - OIL AND GAS
Southern Cross Resources, Inc. - URANIUM
North Atlantic Nickel Corp. - NICKEL
Endev Energy Inc. - OIL AND GAS
Wallbridge Mining Co. Ltd. - NICKEL
Jaguar Nickel Inc. TSE - NICKEL
Brazilian Diamonds Ltd. - DIAMONDS
Formation Capital Corp. - COBALT
CNG.TO Concert Industries Ltd. -PERSONAL PRODUCTS

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