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Its a Gas Gas Gas

Geology songs are pretty hard to come by. This one was written by Todd Butler for the Canadian Society of Unconventional Gas (CSUG)

Coal Bed Methane Blues

I cant' get it out of my head! Unconventional gas is an important part of the natural gas supply equation and in Western Canasda, coalbed methane has rapidly evolved from pilot scale to full commercialization.

I have an interest in natural gas seeps. Most known gas seeps have been identified offshore because they are relatively easy to find due to the bubbles. You know, like in the bathtub, come admit it. There are some big ones off of Santa Barbara, as well as onshore California, Alberta , British Columbia.

Coalbed methane occasionally gets a bad rap but the industry in Western Canda has some pretty high environmental standards to uphold. A recent land auction for CBM rights in an environmentally sensitive area of Southeast British Columbia was ignored by the industry.

The more practically minded of you may ask, "is this useful?". I think so. Seeps are direct hydrocarbon indicators and if they can be traced back to their origin, a petroleum system can be defined. Geologists can sample seepage gas and determine if it was derived from bacteria in seafloor sediments or if it came from a deeper oil or gas deposit. On a good day they can even tell how hot the source rocks got when they generated the gas. I'll be talking more about oil and gas prices later in the week.

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