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Mania in Uranium

It is pretty clear that last weeks action in uranium companies was out of the ordinary. If you want to find other uranium related posts you can use the black Blogger Navbar in the upper left corner to search this blog. The biggest year to date moves are in these 4 companies:

  1. Northern Continental Resources - 536.4%
  2. UEX Corp. -379.5%
  3. JNR Resources -290.8%
  4. International Uranium - 176.7%

I go running to my investment book library when faced with market anomalies. I usually find something by Jesse Livermore that is apropos:

In booms, which is when the public is in the market in the greatest numbers, there is never any need of subtlety, so there is no sense of wasting time discussing either manipulation or speculation during such times; it would be like trying to find the difference in raindrops that are falling synchronously on the same roof across the street.

As I say in my upcoming newsletter, we need more psychology and less geology to understand these companies now.

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