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TSX 52 Week High List Embraces Energy Trusts

The TSX 52 Week High List provides some clues if you're looking for a bull market to invest in. Energy-related companies are bolded and the list is sorted from high to low share price.

FDG/UN.TO Fording Canadian Coal Trust
MFC.TO Manulife Financial Corp.
NCX.TO NOVA Chemicals Corp.
DFS.TO Dofasco, Inc.
BPO.TO Brookfield Properties Corp.
BNN/A.TO Brascan Corp.
RCM/B.TO Rogers Cantel Mobile Communications, Inc.
WTO.TO Western Oil Sands Inc.
RFP.TO Riverside Forest Products Ltd.
HSE.TO Husky Energy, Inc.
MDA.TO MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.
TEK/B.TO Teck Cominco Ltd.
BNP/UN.TO Bonavista Energy Trust
AVN/UN.TO Advantage Energy Income Fund
SHN/UN.TO Shiningbank Energy Income Fund
POU.TO Paramount Resources Ltd.
VET/UN.TO Vermilion Energy Trust
FET/UN.TO Focus Energy Trust
AET/UN.TO ARC Energy Trust

TIL/UN.TO Tree Island Wire Income Fund
PMT/UN.TO Paramount Energy Trust
TEO.TO Tesco Corp.

CSS/UN.TO Contrans Income Fund
NAE/UN.TO NAL Oil & Gas Trust
KER.TO Ketch Resources Ltd.

TIF/UN.TO TransForce Income Fund
IDX/UN.TO IndexPlus Income Fund
WTE/UN.TO Westshore Terminals Income Fund
NG.TO Novagold Resources, Inc.
TAY/UN.TO Taylor NGL Ltd.
EIT/UN.TO EnerVest Diversified Income Trust
IUC.TO International Uranium Corp.
TVL.TO Tri-Vision Intl Ltd.

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