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Uranium Stampede

A scan of the first hour TSE top percentage gainers shows Southern Cross Resources (SXR.TO), Cameco (CCO.TO), UEX Corp. (UEX.TO), Denison Mines (DEN.TO), International Uranium Corp. (IUC.TO)in the top 20. On the CDNX, Strathmore Minerals (STM.TO), Hornby Bay Exploration (HBE.V) and JNR Resources (JNN.TO) are in the top 10 gainers. Of course it is more important where they finish than where they start. This group is on fire and it is nice to be in it as opposed to chasing it. The downside tends to come quickly as well - a potential catalyst would be Cameco hitting the $100 ceiling. It might be time for a break at that point.

Uranium companies came to life in late December 2003 and were first featured in the Big Picture Speculator in the January 5th, 2004 Big Picture Speculator.

Not Advice
Courtesy the Big Picture Speculator
I currently own SXR.TO, UEX.TO, STM.V, JNN.V