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She Sells Fuel Cells

We have moved from burning trees, to burning fossilized trees to burning the thermal maturation products of Type I/II organic matter (otherwise known as oil). As the price of energy increases we are confronted with choices. Alternative energy sources become much more attractive when oil prices are high.

I was surprised when Ballard Power (BLD.TO, BLDP) plunged from $9 to 7$ and then slid to under $6 during July and August given the oil price outlook. Today it looks like there is some interest forming in the fuel cell sector as Ballard Power is up over 15% today.

I consider Ballard Power to be a leading indicator for the alternative energy group just as Microsoft, Cisco, Intel and Yahoo are used to track various technology stocks.

Dr. Rona Fried of The Progressive Investor newsletter has been tracking these companies for several years.

A good starting point for speculators is her list at SustainableBusiness.com.

Courtesy the Big Picture Speculator